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I'm Matt. I'm a 28 year-old web developer from Norwich, UK.

A bit about me

I taught myself web development while at college in 2008, and have worked at an award-winning digital agency in Norwich since 2011. I have worked with Laravel, Wordpress, and bespoke CMSs.

When I'm not developing, I like to spend time with my two cats, look after my multiple fish aquariums, and drive my 1987 BMW E28 M535i. I'm also an F1 fan and love a good meme.

I'm 6'4", so am used to banging my head on things and having difficulty buying jeans and shoes. My favourite band is Jimmy Eat World and in 2014 I flew to America to see them play my favourite album in full on its 10 year anniversary tour, and also visited the Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter HQs.

Latest from my blog

A weekend at the Spa

No, not that kind of spa. Spa Francorchamps. My calamitous 2015 (and much better 2017) Belgian Grand Prix experience.

I saw Jimmy Eat World live again

The third group of shows I've been to

My America Trip

Everything I got up to on my journey to America to see my favourite band

One E28 out, another E28 in

A long overdue update on my BMW E28s

New Site!

I finally have a (sort of) decent website


As well as working at an agency, I have contributed to open source software projects, and worked on various personal side projects (although whether I ever finished them is another matter...)

Take a look at some of the things I've worked on or made.

My work

Freelance web development

I have over 9 years of web development experience, and 8 years of experience working in an agency environment.

If you need a website on a budget and want more than just the same Wordpress themes everyone else uses, or something more bespoke, let me see if I can help.

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