I finally saw Jimmy Eat World live

Anybody who knows me well knows that Jimmy Eat World are my favourite band in the whole world ever. There's no other band where I can have such a big back catalogue and can listen to it all without not wanting to skip any, or with so many songs that I love and really connect with. Until last year I'd never seen them live though.

They played in Norwich in 2010 (I didn't go as I didn't want to go alone), and in 2011 they played two shows in London playing two of my favourite albums (well, favourites now, one of them not so much at the time) back to back in full (which I didn't even know happened until recently), but as they had a new album out in 2013, I had to make sure I saw them. And I did.

Crazy Red Squirrels

This is a video I took when we went to a little zoo the other week, of a red squirrel jumping over its water bowl. It was quite funny watching it, especially from behind, but it's also pretty sad... there were three of them, and this weird half chicken, half goose thing, in a little cage, and this squirrels were bored out their damn brains, if they weren't doing this, they were running along the cage, corner to corner, nothing else to do. You can see how much they do it because there's no wood chips on either side of the bowl. You see this a lot in zoos, the animals are either asleep or just pacing around because they've got nothing interesting to do. Look after them properly or let them go, for God's sake.

Anyway, this is a red squirrel jumping over a water bowl and then doing some digging.

Procrastination - A cartoon of me

These videos are just like me, particularly the first one. I really like the way these drawing are done too, very clever. Check out the other videos from this guy, they're pretty good.

The first one is exactly what I do... I do other things to make sure I have time for something else, and because I end up doing so much other crap I end up running out of time in the day to do what I originally planned on doing. I procrastinate so bad I'm amazed I get anything done.