Person of Interest - First Impression

So I caught the first episode of this the other day. It wasn't bad but wasn't quite what I was expecting.

Basic plot is thus; after 9/11, some guy built a computer for the Government to use ever-present surveillance to predict future terrorist attacks. However, it began predicting normal crimes and because the Government weren't interested, the guy who built it uses a backdoor to the system to get the social security number of someone who will soon be involved in a crime, even though they don't know what, when, where, or if the person involved is the victim or the perpetrator, and the computer guy along with an ex military/CSI guy then try and prevent the crime.

I thought it was going to be similar to FlashForward; there was some huge conspiracy and over the course of a season or few you'd be drip-fed tiny pieces of information every episode until the finale where it all came together. However, it seems it's more like other crime dramas with an episode-by-episode case with a season-running subplot. On the face of it it doesn't sound bad and the first episode was OK... as usual with shows like this you might be able to guess whodunnit quite early on or it'll be a twist at the end. It was watchable.

Some not so good points. First, the lead guy looks too much like Christian Bale. My first thought whenever he was on screen was "Hey look it's Bat-... oh, no...". Second, it has Ben Linus Michael Emerson in it. Nothing wrong with him but I will forever associate him with Lost; in fact most of the Lost cast are now typecasted as such for me (it was the same with Charlie Dominic Monaghan in FlashForward), and that'll spoil it a bit for me. I mean he even says 'John' in the same almost shaky voice he said it in Lost; I mean I know that's his voice but still. Something I doubt I'll be able to shake.

I'm not sure how long until the idea of going after a random person who will be involved in a crime gets a bit old, but then again other crime dramas seem to get by with similar storylines every episode. Difference is the way this show is portrayed is that it's dark and sinister and clandestine, which means there's less room from the humor or wit you get from shows like The Mentalist and Castle, and to an extent NCIS. I know that's not the vibe they're going for but FlashForward was similarly sinister and that only lasted one season.

I'll continue to watch it if I remember or see it's on... which is in itself a problem as I'm not looking forward to the next episode like I did with Lost. It hasn't gripped me as much but I'll give it another go. It's not the best show I've watched but it's also not the worst.