Inception - my views and theories

I wrote this ages ago, totally forgot it was still in my drafts folder. May as well post it now.

Inception is probably the best film I’ve ever seen; I've already seen it three times. I love films with this sort of plot and storyline and I think it was executed perfectly, plus the music was top class. There were a few things that confused me though; after some thought I’ve figured them out and these are the conclusions I’ve come to.

Complete stupidity – Part 4

I used to get quite bad nosebleeds. They weren't necessarily all heavy, some were, but they just often lasted a long time. Sometimes they just started for no apparent reason, if it was a hot day, or if I sneezed heavily, it might start up. I think the blood vessels and skin were just a bit thin or weak or something, meaning they'd break easily. It was fun having them at school or college because you got to walk across to the medical place covered in blood. OK, maybe it wasn't fun, just funny seeing the looks I got from people thinking I'd been in a fight or killed someone.

What happened to the C4 forums??

Channel 4 (C4) is one of the four free, terrestrial channels available in the UK. It mainly broadcasts American shows, and other crap like Big Brother. They also used to show Lost, one of my favourite programs ever. They had a community forum, and, about 4 years ago, after being badgered about it for a while, I signed up.

Complete stupidity - Part 3

You know those signs that you put in the back of cars, 'Baby on Board', that sort of thing... well, they have those suckers that you use to stick them to the window. Once I was in the car and found two window blinds on the rear parcel shelf, they attach to the window with these suckers and block out the sun. Well, I took off the sucker, and stuck it on my forehead. Just for fun. Left it there for about a minute, and peeled it off. I then got the other blind, took the sucker off that one, and stuck them both to me head, still on my forehead, above my eyes. Then I took them off after about a minute and put them on my forehead again, more to the side of my head, and took them off after about a minute. I couldn't see anything wrong with this, I just found it weirdly amusing to stick suckers to my head.

Within half an hour, I had 5, perfectly circular bruises starting to form. This started to worry me but I thought they'd stop. No, they got worse, and in a few hours they were quite clear. Five, very round, purple bruises, in a line across my forehead. It seems the suction had pulled the blood towards the skin, and as a bruise is just bleeding under the skin, that was the result, bruises. The next day at college was interesting. I got funny looks, laughs, and a few people asked what the hell happened. I just sighed, shrugged, and explained that I put suckers on my head.

They were there for at least a week. Some were there for two.

I've put suckers on my arm before to see how long they stay there for, and it's fine if I get a bruise there, nobody's going to see that, and if they do, who cares. A line of bruises on your head is another matter, though. There was a reason I knew I shouldn't put suckers on my head, I just didn't figure out what that reason was until now.

Complete stupidity - Part 2

When I wasn't rising my bike the whole way to school, I'd ride about half way, leave it at a friend's house, and walk with him the rest of the way, then after school we'd go back to his and I'd ride the rest of the way home. One day when we were walking back, we stopped, can't remember why, and I saw this little shiny piece of metal on the floor. I picked it up, and examined it. For some strange reason, I decided to see how smooth the top and bottom edges of it were, so I slid my index finger and thumb along the edge of it.

Turned out it was a razor blade.

Complete stupidity - Part 1

When I was at secondary school I used to ride my bike to and from school everyday, it was about 2 miles each way. I'd have my normal backpack with my school books, lunch etc, and, at the start and end of each term, I'd have another backpack for my PE kit. I'd take my actual kit home every week (top, shorts etc) but at the end of each term I'd also bring back this other backpack which had my trainers, football boots etc in, just to clean them, and then I'd take it all back to school again on the first day back. Thing is, I was on my bike; I had to put the PE backpack over the normal one, so I'd have two on at once, the PE one kinda sat on top of the normal one. Very impractical, kept falling off, and it looked ridiculous, but there was no other way I could do it.

Anyways, one time, at the end of a term, I was riding home, with both bags, and had a thought; would it be possible to ride with my hands crossed?? I wanted to see if I could put my left hand on the right handlebar and my right hand on the left handlebar, and kinda just ride along like that for a bit. Very odd, and rather stupid too. Anyway, I took both hands off, and that was fine, I can go with no hands for ages, but then I put my right hand onto the left handlebar.