Tips on asking for support

I have been on the support team for MyBB since December 2008 and have dealt with thousands of users, threads and issues. Over that time, I've come up with some handy tips on how to ensure your issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

Use vague thread titles

Titles such "help me", "problem", "not working" or "how do I do this" will guarantee that your thread gets looked at sooner by as many people as possible.

Give no information

The less information you give, the quicker it is to help you, because we don't have to waste time reading. We don't need to know the URL of your site, version you're running, information about what's broken or not working, or what you've already done to try and solve the issue.

Don't answer questions or listen to suggestions

If someone responding to your thread asks you a question or suggests something to try and fix the issue, ignore the question and refuse to accept that what's being suggested is correct. After all, you know better than the person helping you, right?

Ignore sticky threads

Support staff will often create sticky threads for common issues, with information about how to solve the issue without you having to ask, however reading these will take you more time than creating your own thread, so do that instead.

Don't search

Searching for other threads about the same issue only wastes your time - it's much easier to just post your own thread!

Cross / duplicate post

Why create just one thread when you can create three? Even better, post links to your threads in other people's threads to maximise exposure - it's even more effective if the thread you post in is nothing to do with your issue.

Bump your thread frequently

If you're not trying to bump your thread at least three times every hour, are you even asking for support?


Old threads are often super relevant to the issue you're having today - in fact, the older the thread, the better.

Private message staff members

It's always a good idea to PM a link to your thread to staff members as you'll get an answer quicker - it's even better if you send it to multiple staff members, or even non-staff members too.

Report your thread

Even better than PMing staff members with a link to your thread, is using the post report feature to alert them even quicker.

Edit original post / don't post solution

If someone helps you solve your issue or you manage to fix it yourself, make sure never to post the solution, and always remember to edit the contents of your original post to "nevermind, fixed", with bonus points for changing the thread title too, to ensure nobody else can refer to the thread in future.

If you do as much of this as possible, you'll be sure to have the best experience possible with your support request :)

Top 10 Things I Hate About Driving

Don't get me wrong, I love driving, but there are a number of things which can make it not so enjoyable.

10. Blind junctions; one in particular

I don't like these purely because they're dangerous and a lot of them are just down to bad road planning. There's various roads around here where you have to stick out half a car's length to be able to see what's coming, and although they may only be in 30-40 limit areas it's still enough to cause a problem, especially if someone is going too fast.

The junction onto the main road from our house is a bad one too. You basically need to have eyes on the side of your head like a rabbit to be able to pull out of it. If you look at it on a map or even drive around the bend itself you wouldn't think the junction is that blind, but it is. The road's a 60 and when cars are doing that speed you have about 2-3 seconds between seeing them and them coming past the junction. It's very hard to know what's coming from the left and the right at the same time when they're doing that speed and you have that amount of time, and it's worse when people are going faster than 60. You have to look left, right, left, right, left; if it's clear, you have to go for it, and once you've committed to it you can rarely back out of it. Far too often I've pulled out heading right and something has come round from the left 0.5-1 seconds after I've moved out; it's too late to stop because I'll be in the way of cars coming from the right, you have to just carry on. Some people realise it's a bad junction and will slow down when they see you're pulling out. Others just honk you and flash their lights, as if it's your fault you pulled out in front of them, and some will then overtake you, whilst still on the bend, because they can't slow down in time, or because they're just angry at you.

What do the council/highways agency do about it? Fuck all. And we've lost count on how many times we've written to them about it. The road from the right used to carry on being a 60 for another 2 miles or so, and a little while ago they changed it to a 50; however, the national speed limit sign at the end of that 50 is still before our junction, and it's right where the road widens out, so people will now be accelerating from 50 to 60, going onto a wider, seemingly faster road, only to then come past this bad junction at that speed. The council/highways agency admitted the sign was in the wrong place and said it will be moved to after the junction, but I can't remember how long ago this was, and nothing's changed.

The danger of this junction is plain to see. We've lived here 6 years and in that time there's been a car on it's roof, a car in the ditch, and an accident on boxing day a few years ago where a flatbed truck was literally ripped in half after hitting another car, where one person died and two air ambulances were needed; the air ambulance was needed for another accident too, and there have been more accidents than these mentioned. Yet the speed limit is the same and there are no extra warnings about the junction. Unfortunately 4 people need to die at a particular location before anything is done about it. The situation is made even worse when you consider the council/highways agency didn't even know the correct location of the accidents because the police told them they all happened at the next junction along; this may explain why the 50 limit ends there instead of past our junction, but also doesn't fill us with much confidence in the people supposedly in charge of our safety and the maintenance of the road. Either way I know it's only a matter of time before there's another fatal accident there and I just hope nobody from my family is involved.

9. Multi-storey car parks

I hate these things. Why do they have to make the ramps so narrow and tight? There's always scrapes along them from people who have misjudged it, wouldn't it make more sense to sacrifice one space per ramp to make them much wider and easier to drive up and down? It's worse in my car as the mudflaps always scrape along the floor and the exhaust often hits the floor too. I always think I've hit the side! Now that I park in one every day I'll hopefully get a bit more practice in so I don't hate them as much in future.

8. Relaying the wrong roads, and using crap materials

A lot of the roads around here are pretty poor. Rough, bumpy, potholed, gaps and patches all over the place. More often than not though, the roads that get relaid seem to be roads that were pretty good as they were, and it's more a waste of materials if anything when OK roads are relaid and roads in need of relaying are not. This problem is made worse when they use rubbish materials, primarily that gravel stuff that means you have to drive at 20 over it for a week before enough people have driven over it to wear it in a bit, and until then you just get stones kicked up at you. Sometimes roads relaid with this stuff just start to deteriorate again very quickly, I mean they're only really covering the road with another layer rather than actually relaying it; one road that was done like this had holes appearing no more than 24 hours after it was done, and within a week it was relaid again with better materials, meaning the first job was a complete and utter waste of time and money. Whatever happened to relaying roads with tarmac and a steamroller? Do they not do this anymore? If you relay it properly and do a decent job of it you won't need to keep coming back to it.

Another road surface I have an issue with is that shiny black stuff they sometimes use. When it is wet, it is a total hazard and has no grip whatsoever. It is terrible stuff and I have absolutely no idea why they use it. It's bad enough having to brake on it when in a car (I usually see it's this stuff and slow down a bit or brake earlier/softer to avoid locking up) but once I was on my bike approaching a junction where the end of the road was covered in this suff, and when I braked, the back wheel instantly locked, I had no grip, and I just carried on across the junction to the other side. A car was coming from the right and if it had been about 2 seconds ahead of where it was I'd have been killed or at least ended up in hospital. I wasn't going fast at all approaching the junction but it was like hitting sheet ice when I tried to brake and I was very lucky not to get hurt. They should stop using this material at all costs.

Buy hosting you actually need, not 'unlimited'

Hosting is obviously an essential part of running a site. There are millions of different hosts with different price plans and offers. Often the vast array of choices can be rather daunting, but make sure you don't get suckered in to common traps, namely 'unlimited' claims.

It is not physically possible for a hard drive to be able to hold an unlimited amount of data. What they really mean by this is they just don't limit how much you use, but this is a problem. To make sure you don't ever hit a limit, when a server is reaching critical mass, the hosting company will just buy more hardware. However this means that servers are being strained until bursting point until new hardware is added in. This is overselling. They know you'll never need much space so they say you have unlimited space, and if they need to, they buy more space to make sure everything works. There is no way it's financially viable for hosters to manage decent servers whilst giving you all these high limits, if they were actually accurate. They may have a 1 TB server and say you have unlimited storage, but clearly, it can only hold 1 TB. Or, they may have a 1 TB server and say you have 100 GB. Logically, you'd only be able to have 10 accounts on there, but they'd probably add far more, 50 or more, because they know you'll never actually use any more than 1 GB or so, so they can squeeze more people onto the server.

Random rant on stupid drivers

I've been in a bad mood for the past few days, and, even though I wasn't driving today, there are some idiots on the roads around here and I must vent.

We were going along earlier at about 60, and a car was waiting in a lay-by to pull out. There was a few cars in front of us, with about a 3 second gap between them and us. They went past the guy waiting, and then he decided that 3 seconds was enough time to pull out in front of us.

Well, it wasn't.

Brakes on hard. Flashing of lights. Swears. My dad drives with his headlights on all the time to help people see him, didn't seem to help this guy though. If he'd pulled out half a second later we would have gone right up the back of him.

Then, we were stuck behind some idiot in a massive SUV doing anything from 30-45 in a 60 for about 10 miles. Why?? God knows. It was a wide, straight road, perfect conditions, not wet, you could see for miles, but he decided to plod along, not really giving a shit that the people behind may actually need to get somewhere. We got past him eventually, overtaking the two cars in front of us who didn't have the brains to overtake, and then the slow guy, all at once. Other people then suddenly woke up and overtook him too. That seems to happen a lot up here, nobody overtakes, they're a bit like sheep, they just follow the person in front, but then when someone with a bit of common sense overtakes, they all do.

We also had to go to the horse place so my sister could have a lesson. The exit from this place into the main road is a nightmare, the junction is on a corner, whether you look left or right, it's blind, you can't see very far round it at all. There is a mirror on the other side of the road, but it's completely pointless because you can't see anything coming in it unless it's in your line of sight coming round the corner anyway. We pulled out, and a car then came around the corner, which happens quite a lot. He then had to slow down, nothing we could do about it, every other time it happens people are fine with it, as they accept it's a blind bend and it wasn't intentional, but this guy honked us, got right up behind us, then overtook, giving us a lovely hand gesture. I'd like to see him get out of that corner every time without cutting someone up, I've not managed it yet.

If these sorts of people weren't on the road, I swear we'd all get to our destinations in half the time and with a lot less hassle.

It's been one of those days...

This morning, going about my usual business on the web, and my Internet was disconnecting more than usual. Finally got everything I needed to done, but not after I'd lost a lot of stuff I'd typed from submitting a form without realising I wasn't connected to the Internet... anyway, I then had to go into town to get some lunch. As I was walking to the car to go, it was raining. Got in the car, and it stopped. Got into town, went to Sainsbury's to get some food. Went to the sandwich section... nothing there. At lunch time. So, I went to the fresh bread section to get a baguette or something... nothing there. oh, yeah, nearly forgot, Sainsbury's don't seem to like stocking lunch time foods at lunch time. So, I decided to go to the take-away place to get some chicken. it was raining again, heavier than before, got quite wet. Ordered my food, and as I was waiting, the rain was getting even heavier, I knew it wouldn't stop by the time I was going to leave, and sure enough, I had to walk back to the car in another storm. But, when I got to the car, got in, and started to get the food out, the rain stopped, and the sun came out. Not only that, I could feel the warmth coming through the glass; I'd just been walking through storms and now it's all nice and sunny again. Joy. Came home and saw MyBB was down, which sucked. I then had to go and get my sister from the horse stables, and I got my usual mixture of people going slow for no reason whatsoever, people tailgating me, or tractors. Today I actually got a tractor pulling on of those massive portable homes too. 30 MPH in a 60. Hmm. It eventually turned off and I could carry on as normal. Coming back, had a transit van literally sitting on my rear bumper, and then I got stuck behind another tractor, going 30 again. I did manage to see the mileage on the car hit 86,000 though. Got home, MyBB was still down, and is currently showing an SQL error.

Let's see how tomorrow goes.

How do earphones get so bloody tangled up??

OK, I'm sure this is something that has happened to us all. You put your iPod, or whatever you use, in your pocket, along with your earphones, and when you take them out, they're so tangled up, it takes you 10 minutes to bloody well untie them.

This is what I'm talking about. Look at that mess.

How the hell does this happen?? I fold them up nicely, I don't wrap them tightly round my iPod because that fucks up the wires, but they're neatly compacted, and when I take them out, even after a couple of minutes, they're just in one massive knot. Do they come alive or something?? How the hell can they move around so much?? Sometimes I'm not even moving, I'm sitting in the car or something, if I'm walking along I might be able to understand, but sitting still?? HOW??

Sometimes you get double or tripple knots, the wires seem to loop through eachother, and then loop through loops, and then loop through loops in loops... you can follow the wire and see how it weaves in and around the other wire. They often get tangled up a lot more than I can tangle them up myself; whenever I try and tangle them up I get a bit of a knot going but then seem to just undo it again... if only that would happen every other time it happens.

You can get ones that are tagged as being 'anti-tangle', which is bollocks, doesn't describe them at all. They still get tangled, very tangled, what 'anti-tangle' means is that they don't get in knots so tight you can never undo them... when they turn themselves into knots, however they manage to do it, usually they're quite loose, some older ones I have have knots so tight I can't even get a needle in there to make a gap to try and work it open.

I think there are now some that roll the wires up into a little plastic case and wrap them round the little wheel inside, and you just pull them out, which would probably stop them getting tangled, but then there's that chunk of plastic knocking about in your pockets too.

The only way this will ever be solved is with wireless earphones. That'll be the day.

Should elderly drivers be retested?? 2

There's an ongoing debate about whether or not elderly drivers should be retested once they reach a certain age. I believe you need to get your licence renewed every 10 years or so and there is an eye test when you reach a certain age, but IMHO that isn't enough. This is my take on the argument.


Acronymns make our lives easier. We can save our breath and valuable seconds saying just a few letters instead of a few words. However, some of these acronyms aren't really used properly.


This stands for Really Simple Syndication. However, in some places, the link to an RSS feed is called 'RSS Syndication'... Really Simply Syndication Syndication??

RSS can also be translated to 'Rich Site Summary' so the above example would be fine in that situation, but it's usually Really Simply Syndication.


This stands for Automated Teller Machine. You know, the machines in the wall that give you money when you press a few buttons. A very common error is when people say 'I'm just going to the ATM Machine'... what they're really saying is 'I'm just going to the Automated Teller Machine Machine'.


This is probably something everybody says without even realising it... this stands for Personal Identification Number. What people then say is 'I've forgotten my PIN Number', or, when you're paying for something, 'Check the amount and enter your PIN Number'... unless you haven't been paying attention to the other example, you'll see that people are really saying 'Personal Identification Number Number' here.

I'm sure there are more examples but these are the ones that came to me off the top of my head.

MyBB Board Status Setting

This is something that really annoys me and I need to vent.

This is what the setting looks like when you start with, when the board is open. It's set to 'no'.

MyBB Board Status 1

Then, when you close it, it looks like this. It's set to 'yes'.

MyBB Board Status 2

Simple, yes?? Just a yes/no setting?? Somehow, no.

A lot of people get confused by this setting.

"Where can I turn my board online again??"


When it's open to begin with, it's set to no. When you close it, you set it to yes. Is it not common sense that to open it, you set it to no again??

People seem to think that the actual yes/no setting is for the 'Administratirs will still be able to view the forums' message, but that makes no sense. It's just extra information about turning the forums offline, admins will still be able to see it, and it always shows in the description of that setting. The name of the setting is at the top of the box, 'Board Closed', then it's either yes/no. Yes is closed, no is open. Why would the setting name be half way down the box?? Not only that, why would there be a setting to say whether or not admins could see the board at all?? What could that possibly be used for?? "Oh yes, I know, I'm the admin but I'll make it so I can't see my own forum". Ugh.

Please, people, try and think about what this setting does, use some common sense.