My Jimmy Eat World Collection

I'm a big fan of Jimmy Eat World. I had most of their albums on CD, but I wanted to get all albums, EPs and live albums on CD. I got these, and then saw some signed copies, and thought I'd get those too. I then thought I'd get 12" LPs of all albums, as they seemed like quite a nice thing to have, and I got the ones that were easy to come by (some are on Amazon for a few quid, some are, well a bit rarer and a bit more expensive). I then ended up getting 7" singles, Japanese imports of CDs and advance/promo CDs, and even signed 12" LPs and unreleased demo 12" LPs. There's even a couple of cassette tapes in there. I have practically everything I can get my hands on, and there's some pretty rare and collectible items here, which I'm glad I managed to get hold of.

I'm not going to upload photos of everything, but you can see a few photos here, and if you want a picture of any particular item, let me know.

I finally saw Jimmy Eat World live

Anybody who knows me well knows that Jimmy Eat World are my favourite band in the whole world ever. There's no other band where I can have such a big back catalogue and can listen to it all without not wanting to skip any, or with so many songs that I love and really connect with. Until last year I'd never seen them live though.

They played in Norwich in 2010 (I didn't go as I didn't want to go alone), and in 2011 they played two shows in London playing two of my favourite albums (well, favourites now, one of them not so much at the time) back to back in full (which I didn't even know happened until recently), but as they had a new album out in 2013, I had to make sure I saw them. And I did.

I'm still alive...

... and I'm going to try and post more. I mean, I sat here and custom built a site how I wanted it, may as well use it, right?

Yes, I know I say that every time I don't post for a year, then make two posts and vanish again, but this time I mean it.


Why didn't you do Computer Science at a university? You clearly have the mind and programming knowledge for it.

I've thought about that myself sometimes and part of me wishes I had. I looked at some courses at my local university but nothing really took my fancy, and I didn't really want to move away far from home. I'm happy with the job I have now which I wouldn't have if I'd gone to university but with hindsight it may have been worth doing.

How did you get into MyBB and do you think it is the greatest forum software to ever hit the face of the planet in our great existance???

I used a forum that ran MyBB, became a moderator on it, then wanted to start my own. I used CreateMyBB first and then had a proper installation, and after a while I got to know it quite well. I then started to help out on the support forums and posted like mad for a while before being put on the support team, eventually being made support team lead. Obviously I think MyBB is brilliant forum software but I still appreciate others such as IPB.

As a stalker, I know you once said you would prefer an old BMW than a new small hatchback. What do you love the most about BMW, and why wouldn't you get a new 1 series (e.g.)?

I've not driven a lot of cars so I'm very biased but I just enjoy driving mine so much that I don't think a modern car (which I have driven) would match up. I've driven our family car, a '02 530d estate, and although it's much faster it isn't the same as my '88 518i and isn't as enjoyable to drive. If I won the lottery I would buy a new 1 Series (the 1M coupe) but not before I'd bought an original M5, original M635CSI and probably a few other classics; the old ones come first.