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Saturday 2nd May 2009, 14:47

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Earlier today, it was announced that MyBB will pull support form the 1.2 series. Support will officially end on 1st June, when the 1.2 support forums will be archived.

Personally I think this is a good move, and a bit overdue. As of tomorrow (3rd may) 1.4 would have been out for exactly 9 months. This should have been plenty of time for people to update, and benefit from all the new features, including a redesigned ACP, as well as a paid security audit for 1.4.2 to make sure the 1.4 series is as secure as possible. Plus, as hardly anybody has really used 1.2 for a while, there are a lot of support issues for 1.2 that we wouldn't be able to answer simply because we wouldn't be able to remember how it worked, where something was, or how to fix what was a common issue for 1.2 that wasn't an issue in 1.4, etc etc. I mean I have a 1.2 forum setup on my localhost but I can't really remember how to use it very well. So, now people have a month in order to upgrade before they won't be able to be supported anymore.

Although I think this is a very good move, I can foresee some people still running 1.2 will raise issue with it. One major issue I can see coming is people who have integrated their forum with a 3rd party application that only works with 1.2, whether it be a CMS, or something else, for example osDate. I know that a majority of people who have requested 1.2 support are still on 1.2 because they're using osDate too, and it's only able to integrate that with 1.2, it hasn't been updated to 1.4, and I can foresee some of them complaining that we're 'forcing' them to upgrade, meaning they would either have to stop integrating, or just not have the ability to get support, probably going with the option to not get support. People using osDate have already complained about 1.2 coming to and end before now, but we'll have to try and make them see that it isn't our fault that osDate haven't upgraded their script; we can't continue to support older software just because a 3rd party haven't updated their software to the latest version of MyBB, they're integrating with us, so it's up to them to make sure they're up to date with the latest release, not for us to keep supporting old software so a few people can continue to integrate with something. They'd be a lot better off badgering osDate to upgrade their script rather than moaning at us to continue supporting 1.2.

Soon, the 1.4 Merge System will be released too. Up until recently there was the option to merge to 1.4 by first merging to 1.2, using the 1.2 merge system, and then upgrading to 1.4, or, using a beta/SVN snapshot version of the 1.4 merge system to go straight to 1.4. This caused some issues though, some people tried to use the 1.4 beta/SVN version to merge to 1.2, or use the 1.2 version to go to 1.4, or just didn't know what one to use, so hopefully now, with there being just the one merge system, it'll make everything a lot more interesting. Plus, the merge system is brilliant so the more people that use it the better (more people converting to MyBB, yay).

So, with 1.2 being dropped, 1.4 bug reports slowing down, and the 1.4 merge system released, there should be an opportunity to focus more on the future; 1.6 and 2.0.

Saturday 2nd May 2009, 14:47

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There are a lot of quality plugins and themes to 1.2x but of course security without oficial support won´t be the same...

Claudio (aglioeolio) - Tuesday 5th May 2009, 11:55

Well, most of the bigger plugins have been updated by now, or there's at least an equivalent available. The only benefit I can think of for staying on 1.2 is for a particular plugin or something, but it's unfortunate people have to stay on 1.2 because they rely on those, 1.4 is so much better than 1.2 in every way and IMHO even a good plugin that's only for 1.2 shouldn't stop people upgrading.

Are you still on 1.2?? If so, what is it that's making you stay?? A particular theme or plugin??

Matt Rogowski - Tuesday 5th May 2009, 15:55

Nope, I´m with 1.4 brand since the first public release and keep updated regularly

but I think that myplaza (by zingaburga), arcade and some others plugins could make some ppl stay with 1.2x for some time because its data were not compatible with 1.4x updated plugins - unitl now that won´t be that clever keep that version installed anymore

Claudio (aglioeolio) - Wednesday 13th May 2009, 20:46

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