MyBB Support Team Lead

Damn, didn't I post this here??

At the end of March I was promoted to Support Team lead, replacing Dennis Tsang who had been doing it for years. This was totally awesome, something I'd been hoping would happen at some point but wasn't expecting to happen yet. I still remember when I first started using MyBB and knew nothing, but picked it up and worked my way to where I am now. I'll now be in charge of hiring new support staff, as well as overseeing support for the new 1.6 release when it's out. Rather looking forward to that.

Should be great.

Buy hosting you actually need, not 'unlimited'

Hosting is obviously an essential part of running a site. There are millions of different hosts with different price plans and offers. Often the vast array of choices can be rather daunting, but make sure you don't get suckered in to common traps, namely 'unlimited' claims.

It is not physically possible for a hard drive to be able to hold an unlimited amount of data. What they really mean by this is they just don't limit how much you use, but this is a problem. To make sure you don't ever hit a limit, when a server is reaching critical mass, the hosting company will just buy more hardware. However this means that servers are being strained until bursting point until new hardware is added in. This is overselling. They know you'll never need much space so they say you have unlimited space, and if they need to, they buy more space to make sure everything works. There is no way it's financially viable for hosters to manage decent servers whilst giving you all these high limits, if they were actually accurate. They may have a 1 TB server and say you have unlimited storage, but clearly, it can only hold 1 TB. Or, they may have a 1 TB server and say you have 100 GB. Logically, you'd only be able to have 10 accounts on there, but they'd probably add far more, 50 or more, because they know you'll never actually use any more than 1 GB or so, so they can squeeze more people onto the server.

Complete stupidity – Part 4

I used to get quite bad nosebleeds. They weren't necessarily all heavy, some were, but they just often lasted a long time. Sometimes they just started for no apparent reason, if it was a hot day, or if I sneezed heavily, it might start up. I think the blood vessels and skin were just a bit thin or weak or something, meaning they'd break easily. It was fun having them at school or college because you got to walk across to the medical place covered in blood. OK, maybe it wasn't fun, just funny seeing the looks I got from people thinking I'd been in a fight or killed someone.

Crazy Red Squirrels

This is a video I took when we went to a little zoo the other week, of a red squirrel jumping over its water bowl. It was quite funny watching it, especially from behind, but it's also pretty sad... there were three of them, and this weird half chicken, half goose thing, in a little cage, and this squirrels were bored out their damn brains, if they weren't doing this, they were running along the cage, corner to corner, nothing else to do. You can see how much they do it because there's no wood chips on either side of the bowl. You see this a lot in zoos, the animals are either asleep or just pacing around because they've got nothing interesting to do. Look after them properly or let them go, for God's sake.

Anyway, this is a red squirrel jumping over a water bowl and then doing some digging.

Random rant on stupid drivers

I've been in a bad mood for the past few days, and, even though I wasn't driving today, there are some idiots on the roads around here and I must vent.

We were going along earlier at about 60, and a car was waiting in a lay-by to pull out. There was a few cars in front of us, with about a 3 second gap between them and us. They went past the guy waiting, and then he decided that 3 seconds was enough time to pull out in front of us.

Well, it wasn't.

Brakes on hard. Flashing of lights. Swears. My dad drives with his headlights on all the time to help people see him, didn't seem to help this guy though. If he'd pulled out half a second later we would have gone right up the back of him.

Then, we were stuck behind some idiot in a massive SUV doing anything from 30-45 in a 60 for about 10 miles. Why?? God knows. It was a wide, straight road, perfect conditions, not wet, you could see for miles, but he decided to plod along, not really giving a shit that the people behind may actually need to get somewhere. We got past him eventually, overtaking the two cars in front of us who didn't have the brains to overtake, and then the slow guy, all at once. Other people then suddenly woke up and overtook him too. That seems to happen a lot up here, nobody overtakes, they're a bit like sheep, they just follow the person in front, but then when someone with a bit of common sense overtakes, they all do.

We also had to go to the horse place so my sister could have a lesson. The exit from this place into the main road is a nightmare, the junction is on a corner, whether you look left or right, it's blind, you can't see very far round it at all. There is a mirror on the other side of the road, but it's completely pointless because you can't see anything coming in it unless it's in your line of sight coming round the corner anyway. We pulled out, and a car then came around the corner, which happens quite a lot. He then had to slow down, nothing we could do about it, every other time it happens people are fine with it, as they accept it's a blind bend and it wasn't intentional, but this guy honked us, got right up behind us, then overtook, giving us a lovely hand gesture. I'd like to see him get out of that corner every time without cutting someone up, I've not managed it yet.

If these sorts of people weren't on the road, I swear we'd all get to our destinations in half the time and with a lot less hassle.