How long does it take to get dedicated with programming? I'm 15 and I'd love a job like you!

It really depends on how keen you are to learn and how quickly you pick things up. There's certain things you need to understand (variables, data types, functions, conditions, control structures, classes)... once you understand the basics it's really just a case of applying it to different and now advanced situations. It's a bit like playing with Lego. It doesn't take long to understand how to use it and build small things, you just need more practice and experience to be able to build bigger more advanced stuff, but it's all done using the same bricks. PHP is the bricks, what you can build with it will improve over time. I started properly when I was 16 and when I was 18 I had a job using PHP, by 19 I was working as a junior at a top local agency. Put the work in and you'll be fine.

Why didn't you do Computer Science at a university? You clearly have the mind and programming knowledge for it.

I've thought about that myself sometimes and part of me wishes I had. I looked at some courses at my local university but nothing really took my fancy, and I didn't really want to move away far from home. I'm happy with the job I have now which I wouldn't have if I'd gone to university but with hindsight it may have been worth doing.

How did you get into MyBB and do you think it is the greatest forum software to ever hit the face of the planet in our great existance???

I used a forum that ran MyBB, became a moderator on it, then wanted to start my own. I used CreateMyBB first and then had a proper installation, and after a while I got to know it quite well. I then started to help out on the support forums and posted like mad for a while before being put on the support team, eventually being made support team lead. Obviously I think MyBB is brilliant forum software but I still appreciate others such as IPB.

How should one start off with PHP? and after that how to get into MyBB plugins

Get a book and read tutorials on the net; there's loads of decent sites to teach you the basics of PHP and once you've got that covered, you'll be able to expand and apply it to anything you want to do. Looking over code to see how it works and writing small scripts to test things and try things out will also help a lot. Once you're confident enough with PHP and want to start writing plugins for things, look over existing plugins to see how they're written and start with something really small, and for each plugin you then make, try and set yourself some sort of target or try something you've not done before.

As a stalker, I know you once said you would prefer an old BMW than a new small hatchback. What do you love the most about BMW, and why wouldn't you get a new 1 series (e.g.)?

I've not driven a lot of cars so I'm very biased but I just enjoy driving mine so much that I don't think a modern car (which I have driven) would match up. I've driven our family car, a '02 530d estate, and although it's much faster it isn't the same as my '88 518i and isn't as enjoyable to drive. If I won the lottery I would buy a new 1 Series (the 1M coupe) but not before I'd bought an original M5, original M635CSI and probably a few other classics; the old ones come first.