MyBB Board Status Setting

This is something that really annoys me and I need to vent.

This is what the setting looks like when you start with, when the board is open. It's set to 'no'.

MyBB Board Status 1

Then, when you close it, it looks like this. It's set to 'yes'.

MyBB Board Status 2

Simple, yes?? Just a yes/no setting?? Somehow, no.

A lot of people get confused by this setting.

"Where can I turn my board online again??"


When it's open to begin with, it's set to no. When you close it, you set it to yes. Is it not common sense that to open it, you set it to no again??

People seem to think that the actual yes/no setting is for the 'Administratirs will still be able to view the forums' message, but that makes no sense. It's just extra information about turning the forums offline, admins will still be able to see it, and it always shows in the description of that setting. The name of the setting is at the top of the box, 'Board Closed', then it's either yes/no. Yes is closed, no is open. Why would the setting name be half way down the box?? Not only that, why would there be a setting to say whether or not admins could see the board at all?? What could that possibly be used for?? "Oh yes, I know, I'm the admin but I'll make it so I can't see my own forum". Ugh.

Please, people, try and think about what this setting does, use some common sense.

What happened to the C4 forums??

Channel 4 (C4) is one of the four free, terrestrial channels available in the UK. It mainly broadcasts American shows, and other crap like Big Brother. They also used to show Lost, one of my favourite programs ever. They had a community forum, and, about 4 years ago, after being badgered about it for a while, I signed up.

Complete stupidity - Part 3

You know those signs that you put in the back of cars, 'Baby on Board', that sort of thing... well, they have those suckers that you use to stick them to the window. Once I was in the car and found two window blinds on the rear parcel shelf, they attach to the window with these suckers and block out the sun. Well, I took off the sucker, and stuck it on my forehead. Just for fun. Left it there for about a minute, and peeled it off. I then got the other blind, took the sucker off that one, and stuck them both to me head, still on my forehead, above my eyes. Then I took them off after about a minute and put them on my forehead again, more to the side of my head, and took them off after about a minute. I couldn't see anything wrong with this, I just found it weirdly amusing to stick suckers to my head.

Within half an hour, I had 5, perfectly circular bruises starting to form. This started to worry me but I thought they'd stop. No, they got worse, and in a few hours they were quite clear. Five, very round, purple bruises, in a line across my forehead. It seems the suction had pulled the blood towards the skin, and as a bruise is just bleeding under the skin, that was the result, bruises. The next day at college was interesting. I got funny looks, laughs, and a few people asked what the hell happened. I just sighed, shrugged, and explained that I put suckers on my head.

They were there for at least a week. Some were there for two.

I've put suckers on my arm before to see how long they stay there for, and it's fine if I get a bruise there, nobody's going to see that, and if they do, who cares. A line of bruises on your head is another matter, though. There was a reason I knew I shouldn't put suckers on my head, I just didn't figure out what that reason was until now.

Complete stupidity - Part 2

When I wasn't rising my bike the whole way to school, I'd ride about half way, leave it at a friend's house, and walk with him the rest of the way, then after school we'd go back to his and I'd ride the rest of the way home. One day when we were walking back, we stopped, can't remember why, and I saw this little shiny piece of metal on the floor. I picked it up, and examined it. For some strange reason, I decided to see how smooth the top and bottom edges of it were, so I slid my index finger and thumb along the edge of it.

Turned out it was a razor blade.

Complete stupidity - Part 1

When I was at secondary school I used to ride my bike to and from school everyday, it was about 2 miles each way. I'd have my normal backpack with my school books, lunch etc, and, at the start and end of each term, I'd have another backpack for my PE kit. I'd take my actual kit home every week (top, shorts etc) but at the end of each term I'd also bring back this other backpack which had my trainers, football boots etc in, just to clean them, and then I'd take it all back to school again on the first day back. Thing is, I was on my bike; I had to put the PE backpack over the normal one, so I'd have two on at once, the PE one kinda sat on top of the normal one. Very impractical, kept falling off, and it looked ridiculous, but there was no other way I could do it.

Anyways, one time, at the end of a term, I was riding home, with both bags, and had a thought; would it be possible to ride with my hands crossed?? I wanted to see if I could put my left hand on the right handlebar and my right hand on the left handlebar, and kinda just ride along like that for a bit. Very odd, and rather stupid too. Anyway, I took both hands off, and that was fine, I can go with no hands for ages, but then I put my right hand onto the left handlebar.

I like cars

Well, I do, and I couldn't think of a better title.

One day I got given a model car to play with, one of those ones that you pulled back, let go, and it'd shoot off. It was a yellow Lamborghini Diablo (I think), working scissor doors and everything, and my clearest memory of it was that the 'cockpit' was quite far forward, and I thought that this would mean it would oversteer going around a corner. Not the usual thing an 8 year old thinks when he's playing with a toy car but ever since then I was interested in cars. How they go, how they look, how they smell, how they work, all that. I like old cars and new cars, fast cars and slow cars. That Lambo was my first real memory of liking cars.

My favourite cars are either British, German, or Italian. The Italians make the exotic supercars that you dream about, the sort of thing you'd go for after a lottery win. The British generally make sports cars, most of them are very simple, but very fast (Lotus, Noble, Caterham), that sort of thing. They also make Aston Martins which are arguably the most desirable cars available. The Germans make more practical cars, executive saloons, and some nice sports cars. We've always had BMWs (and before you think we're rich bastards, they've not been brand new ones, apart from one bought in 1987). They're very good cars and I'll probably stick with them during my driving life. I love BMWs, especially older ones (~1983+), and you can pick up a beautiful classic BMW for less than a brand new small hatch-back. I know which one I'd rather have.

I'd been looking forward to driving for years... I can remember that every so often, usually on my birthday, my dad would say 'in 7 years you'll be able to drive', 'only 5 years until you can drive', and I was really looking forward to it. Then, I turned 17, got some L plates for my birthday, and had lessons. It was worth the wait, I passed my theory and practical test first time, and got a car soon after; it was great to be able to go and drive about after all those years.

Being in Norfolk, there's a lot of nice driving roads. There's nice long dual carriageways if you want a quick (or long) blast, fast open country-ish roads, some twisty, some straight, some quieter country roads, coastal drives, forestry drives, everything... you could spend days on end driving around all the different routes. We once went right along the coast, just for fish and chips, and it was a great drive, nice and quiet, fast roads, and nice scenery. Plus, there's plenty of country cafés and pubs, which means locally prepared meat, and local cider. Lovely, I love a nice steak and chips with a pint of local cider.

Give me an old BMW, a sunny weekend and a list of nice pubs and I'll be happy.