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Q. Hey Matt, Do you by chance know if they ever made a vinyl version of the 2008 live show at Brixton? I was at that show front and center, would be killer to find a vinyl copy of it. Thanks!?

- Dave

A. I'm not aware of any live shows being pressed onto vinyl, the Chase This Light Tour CDs were recorded at the venue and sold afterwards I think but that's it. The only other live show to be released on physical media was from Scala in 2001, even Clarity Live was only a digital download.

Fri 24th Nov 2017, 14:56

Q. I really dig your Jimmy Eat World collection and I'm trying to get some of the rare vinyls. Where did you find them? I cannot for the life of me find the green vinyl Clarity and it's making me crazy!?

- Anonymous

A. Thank you! I need to update my list actually. Everything I have was from either eBay or Discogs (other than a blue copy of Clarity I found on some niche Irish charity shop website). I actually got another green copy of Clarity a few weeks ago (I do have more than 1 ;))

Sun 12th Mar 2017, 02:27

Q. How to uninstall your Plugin manager?

- Anonymous

A. Press the 'Uninstall' button.

Mon 6th Mar 2017, 19:05

Q. What is your least favourite thing about MyBB?

- Anonymous

A. Users who expect too much and speed of development.

Thu 23rd Feb 2017, 09:34

Q. Have you ever considered making a forms plugin for MyBB? There's currently no plugin which does that purpose.?

- Anonymous

A. It sounds like the sort of thing I'd like but realistically I don't have time.

Thu 23rd Feb 2017, 09:34

Q. What's the point in living?

- Anonymous

A. D'you know that's a very good question. Unfortunately I don't have the answer.

Sun 22nd Jan 2017, 22:35

Q. Do you plan to release the 1.8 version of MySupport?

- Jack.D

A. Some time between now and when the sun consumes the Earth, hopefully

Sat 16th May 2015, 20:25

Q. Are you available to hire for custom mybb plugins?

- Mike

A. Not really, sorry

Tue 12th May 2015, 23:30

Q. Update for Goobyespammer for MYBB?

- Anonymous

A. It's in-built with 1.8 so no need :)

Fri 24th Apr 2015, 02:38

Q. Is there a first time for everything.?

- Anonymous

A. Logically, yes.

Fri 23rd May 2014, 04:12

Q. Are you only focused on PHP, or you also code with some other languages?

- Anonymous

A. Only PHP at the moment. Can't focus on too many things at once!

Sat 22nd Feb 2014, 21:26

Q. Have you ever contemplated the meaning of "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World?

- JC

A. Not really, not like some others. It used to be one of my favourites but not anymore, it's probably their most well known song but I think it's a bit overrated, no way is it their best song.

Tue 26th Nov 2013, 15:01

Q. Do you have an ideal company you'd want to work for?

- Anonymous

A. Dunno really, hard to say. I like where I am at the moment but I don't really know any massive companies that are big on PHP. I used to want to be a mechanic though and if I changed what I do and did that, I'd want to work at BMW.

Sat 23rd Nov 2013, 16:16

Q. Have you ever been to a Jimmy Eat World concert?

- Anonymous

A. I've been to two, going to another one tomorrow and another week after next :) Last two were amazing.

Wed 6th Nov 2013, 15:40

Q. I want to become a programmer like you and i am not having enough money to buy some extra books and somehow i pay for the net . Any ideas about how should i start learning ?

- Vikas

A. Look at existing code, see what it does and how it works. Add stuff, change stuff, break stuff. Write little scripts that do one thing just for the sake if using a certain piece of code or new technique. Learn by doing.

Fri 25th Oct 2013, 23:19

Q. Do you like cars? If yes, what kind of?

- Jesse

A. I do, I have a liking for BMWs, purely because we've had them as family cars since forever, I've had one, they look great (especially older ones) and are great to drive.

Mon 21st Oct 2013, 21:10

Q. The Awaiting Activation Message plugin for MyBB seems to have stopped working at the last MyBB update (to 1.6.10) - is this a known problem?

- Anonymous

A. Can't say it is, nothing should have changed to break it though.

Mon 21st Oct 2013, 10:58

Q. Do you like applesauce?

- Anonymous

A. Not particularly.

Sun 20th Oct 2013, 17:48

Q. There is a bug in Goodbye Spammer 1.1. It shows even then plugin is deactivated. Link:

- Lukas @

A. Upgrade :)

Tue 15th Oct 2013, 21:14

Q. What script is this? D:?

- Anonymous

A. For the site itself? Just something I did quickly over a few days.

Mon 7th Oct 2013, 18:40

Q. What do you think about Turkish MyBB users and sites?

- Anonymous

A. Nothing because I'm not racist :)

Fri 27th Sep 2013, 18:27

Q. do you build websites for people and what cost ?

- Anonymous

A. I barely have the motivation for my own personal projects.

Fri 20th Sep 2013, 00:52

Q. Do you have any knowledge of web security? alert('test')?

- Anonymous

A. Do you?

Mon 9th Sep 2013, 20:06

Q. Where did you start from learning php?

- Anonymous

A. A cross between looking at MyBB code, reading books and tutorials on the internet, and writing random code.

Sun 11th Aug 2013, 11:36

Q. have you wrote that website code urself ?

- rafau94

A. Yes. Which is why it's shit.

Fri 28th Jun 2013, 09:10

Q. Have you ever doubted yourself?

- Anonymous

A. Unfortunately I doubt myself more often than I have faith in myself.

Thu 6th Jun 2013, 17:25

Q. Hey! Would a little challenge bring some motivation? How about enhancing your mybb alert plugin so that it alert admin of awaiting approval by mail or sms?? That would be so useful!!! Take care!?

- Ssay

A. Maybe, we'll see :)

Wed 17th Apr 2013, 03:17

Q. Do you think you'll get a chance to update MySupport, which is almost 2 years old right now?

- Anonymous

A. Hopefully. I've not really had the motivation for much for a while now.

Mon 15th Apr 2013, 17:44

Q. What was your first job with php?

- Anonymous

A. I worked for a small local company which primarily made software for the NHS.

Sat 30th Mar 2013, 10:48

Q. How many twinkies in a row can you swallow whole?

- Anonymous

A. I've honestly never even had one. Don't think we get them in the UK.

Mon 18th Mar 2013, 19:09

Q. Are you a big video gamer?

- Anonymous

A. Not really, I don't play online or anything and suck at most of the games I do play by myself. I enjoy it when I do play though.

Sat 26th Jan 2013, 08:07

Q. How long does it take to get dedicated with programming? I'm 15 and I'd love a job like you!?

- Jesse

A. It really depends on how keen you are to learn and how quickly you pick things up. There's certain things you need to understand (variables, data types, functions, conditions, control structures, classes)... once you understand the basics it's really just a case of applying it to different and now advanced situations. It's a bit like playing with Lego. It doesn't take long to understand how to use it and build small things, you just need more practice and experience to be able to build bigger more advanced stuff, but it's all done using the same bricks. PHP is the bricks, what you can build with it will improve over time. I started properly when I was 16 and when I was 18 I had a job using PHP, by 19 I was working as a junior at a top local agency. Put the work in and you'll be fine.

Sun 6th Jan 2013, 14:42

Q. What political party do you support? Or would if you had to?

- Anonymous

A. I don't really know enough about it all to make a proper informed decision. Ultimately they're all lying and none of them are going to be able to fix the problems the others claim they caused/made worse/can't fix. If people are unhappy with one party they get voted out and then they're unhappy with the new party so you'll never win. That's the way I look at it.

Thu 3rd Jan 2013, 14:02

Q. Why didn't you do Computer Science at a university? You clearly have the mind and programming knowledge for it.?

- Anonymous

A. I've thought about that myself sometimes and part of me wishes I had. I looked at some courses at my local university but nothing really took my fancy, and I didn't really want to move away far from home. I'm happy with the job I have now which I wouldn't have if I'd gone to university but with hindsight it may have been worth doing.

Sat 29th Dec 2012, 22:03

Q. If you couldn't remember, could you remember that you couldn't remember?

- KoBE

A. I think that's a very deep question that I don't have the intellect to answer.

Fri 28th Dec 2012, 18:03

Q. How did you get into MyBB and do you think it is the greatest forum software to ever hit the face of the planet in our great existance???

- Anonymous

A. I used a forum that ran MyBB, became a moderator on it, then wanted to start my own. I used CreateMyBB first and then had a proper installation, and after a while I got to know it quite well. I then started to help out on the support forums and posted like mad for a while before being put on the support team, eventually being made support team lead. Obviously I think MyBB is brilliant forum software but I still appreciate others such as IPB.

Sun 23rd Dec 2012, 18:42

Q. How should one start off with PHP? and after that how to get into MyBB plugins?

- Arsh

A. Get a book and read tutorials on the net; there's loads of decent sites to teach you the basics of PHP and once you've got that covered, you'll be able to expand and apply it to anything you want to do. Looking over code to see how it works and writing small scripts to test things and try things out will also help a lot. Once you're confident enough with PHP and want to start writing plugins for things, look over existing plugins to see how they're written and start with something really small, and for each plugin you then make, try and set yourself some sort of target or try something you've not done before.

Fri 14th Dec 2012, 07:15

Q. As a stalker, I know you once said you would prefer an old BMW than a new small hatchback. What do you love the most about BMW, and why wouldn't you get a new 1 series (e.g.)?

- Anonymous

A. I've not driven a lot of cars so I'm very biased but I just enjoy driving mine so much that I don't think a modern car (which I have driven) would match up. I've driven our family car, a '02 530d estate, and although it's much faster it isn't the same as my '88 518i and isn't as enjoyable to drive. If I won the lottery I would buy a new 1 Series (the 1M coupe) but not before I'd bought an original M5, original M635CSI and probably a few other classics; the old ones come first.

Wed 7th Nov 2012, 23:13

Q. Are you Mike Wazowski's long lost mutant child?

- Sullivan

A. I could be you know, I should probably get that tested?

Wed 7th Nov 2012, 22:31

Q. Why did you start programing?

- JordanMussi

A. I'd been using MyBB and supporting users for a while and wanted to know more about how the software and websites in general worked. The first script I ever wrote was when I was in college, must have been some time between 2007 and 2008 I guess. In maths we'd been taught some algorithm for finding what day of the week you were born on based on your birthday and I decided to write it in PHP as a little script. I learnt later you could do the same thing with one line of code using date() and mktime() but that was really the first thing I did. Went from there really, wrote some MyBB plugins and some small sites and now I work as a web developer.

Wed 10th Oct 2012, 17:32

Q. Why did you make Goodbye Spammer for MyBB?


A. I got tired of spam on my site and on the MyBB Community Forums where I'd have to delete posts, threads, clear out the profile (avatar, signature, profile fields) which all took time, plus some spammers sent people PMs, added calendar events and even reported posts, all of which took time to deal with and would annoy users, and after all that you had to then manually ban them. Goodbye Spammer does all of this for you in one go, taking seconds instead of minutes to completely get rid of a spammer. There are already several plugins to try and stop spam from happening in the first place but there weren't any to help clear up after spam that got through; now there is :)

Sun 9th Sep 2012, 16:56


- Anonymous

A. More a statement than a question, but still...
Mike Wazowski

Thu 30th Aug 2012, 18:40

Q. How long has this site been up?

- Jacob, Admin of MyBBSource

A. Only 3 days :)

Tue 21st Aug 2012, 17:02

Q. Have you ever been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

- Mark.

A. I honestly don't know where I'd start with answering this.

Sun 19th Aug 2012, 10:54

Q. This site is awesome and stuff and it's primarily PHP, BUT, have you ever used Python?

- Anonymous

A. Not yet, I want to learn Python and Ruby at some point but haven't had the time to commit to it. I want to try and expand my skills if I can at some point though.

Sat 18th Aug 2012, 23:04

Q. What is your favourite colour?

- Anonymous

A. Blue

Sat 18th Aug 2012, 16:19

Q. What was the worst advice you've ever received?

- Anonymous

A. To go with my head instead of my heart. Doesn't tend to end up how you'd like.

Wed 15th Sep 2010, 16:18

Q. Mac or PC?

- Anonymous

A. Mac. Have an iMac at home and much prefer it over the Windows laptop I use for work. Faster, nicer to use etc etc.

Tue 31st Aug 2010, 16:18

Q. Do you like cheese?

- Anonymous

A. On a pizza yes, can't eat it on it's own. Too much of it gives me headaches.

Mon 26th Jul 2010, 16:18

Q. Your name sounds very similar to that Mike Wazowski off Monsters Inc. Any relation?

- Anonymous

A. Unfortunately no, although we have similar names we are of different species and, well, dimension. This was a nickname of mine though in school.

Mon 26th Jul 2010, 16:17

Q. Browser Choice?

- Anonymous

A. Google Chrome, used it since the day it came out in September 2008, currently use the Dev build.

Mon 19th Jul 2010, 16:17

Q. Do you have any scars on your body? If so, how'd you get them?

- Anonymous

A. Um, one on my thumb and index finger when I picked up a razor and sliced my finger and thumb across the blades. Didn't know it was a razor. Plenty of blood. Oh and one on my arm when I fell off my bike trying to ride with crossed arms. Didn't work.

Mon 19th Jul 2010, 16:17