My Jimmy Eat World Collection

I'm a big fan of Jimmy Eat World. I had most of their albums on CD, but I wanted to get all albums, EPs and live albums on CD. I got these, and then saw some signed copies, and thought I'd get those too. I then thought I'd get 12" LPs of all albums, as they seemed like quite a nice thing to have, and I got the ones that were easy to come by (some are on Amazon for a few quid, some are, well a bit rarer and a bit more expensive). I then ended up getting 7" singles, Japanese imports of CDs and advance/promo CDs, and even signed 12" LPs and unreleased demo 12" LPs. There's even a couple of cassette tapes in there. I have practically everything I can get my hands on, and there's some pretty rare and collectible items here, which I'm glad I managed to get hold of.

I'm not going to upload photos of everything, but you can see a few photos here, and if you want a picture of any particular item, let me know.