So I recently discovered Motion City Soundtrack...

A few years ago I got Burnout 3 for my PS2. Great game and I still play it from time to time now. It had a good soundtrack too and I got exposure to a few bands that I really like now from it; Jimmy Eat World, Ash, Yellowcard, My Chemical Romance, Letter Kills and others. I now have multiple albums from all these bands but there was one song I left as a single; My Favourite Accident by Motion City Soundtrack. I really liked the song and had it on my car playlist but never got the album and I'm not sure why. I wish I had.

I got it the other week. I immediately loved it. Like, wondering why the hell I didn't get this album years ago like all the others. I had it on for the whole day. I rarely do that even with my other favourite albums. Then the next day, I wasn't bored of it so played it all day again.

I then got their other four albums and played through them all. Again, I loved them. Go, their most recent album, was the best out of these four overall but the others are all very good.

Motion City Soundtrack I Am The Movie Album CoverMotion City Soundtrack Commit This To Memory Album CoverMotion City Soundtrack Even If It Kills Me Album CoverMotion City Soundtrack My Dinosaur Life Album CoverMotion City Soundtrack Go Album Cover


I Am The Movie, Commit This To Memory, Even If It Kills Me, My Dinosaur Life and Go. Five albums you simply must have. I Am The Movie and Go are my favourites but I could still happily listen to nothing else all day. Some songs aren't too serious, some I can't help tapping my foot or hand to, some are emotional and lyrically beautiful. There's a mix of everything. They also have a very distinctive sound as a lot of tracks make heavy use of a moog synthesizer; you'd instantly be able to recognise a song of theirs you haven't heard if you've heard some of their others.

Standout tracks for me: The Future Freaks Me Out, My Favourite Accident, Capital H, Mary Without Sound, When 'You're' Around, Time Turned Fragile, L.G. FUAD, This Is For Real, Calling All Cops, A Life Less Ordinary, Disappear, Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Everyone Will Die, The Coma Kid, The Worst Is Yet To Come, Happy Anniversary. Not many then. In fact the more I listen to them all the more I like them all. There isn't really a song I don't like and I can play through all five albums in their entirety which I can't even do with some Jimmy Eat World albums, who are still my favourite band. I have to say, I think Motion City Soundtrack have very rapidly moved into second place. I've gone from liking one song to loving five albums in 2 weeks, but what's wrong with that?

Get the albums. Thank me later.

Why did you start programing?

I'd been using MyBB and supporting users for a while and wanted to know more about how the software and websites in general worked. The first script I ever wrote was when I was in college, must have been some time between 2007 and 2008 I guess. In maths we'd been taught some algorithm for finding what day of the week you were born on based on your birthday and I decided to write it in PHP as a little script. I learnt later you could do the same thing with one line of code using date() and mktime() but that was really the first thing I did. Went from there really, wrote some MyBB plugins and some small sites and now I work as a web developer.