How do earphones get so bloody tangled up??

OK, I'm sure this is something that has happened to us all. You put your iPod, or whatever you use, in your pocket, along with your earphones, and when you take them out, they're so tangled up, it takes you 10 minutes to bloody well untie them.

This is what I'm talking about. Look at that mess.

How the hell does this happen?? I fold them up nicely, I don't wrap them tightly round my iPod because that fucks up the wires, but they're neatly compacted, and when I take them out, even after a couple of minutes, they're just in one massive knot. Do they come alive or something?? How the hell can they move around so much?? Sometimes I'm not even moving, I'm sitting in the car or something, if I'm walking along I might be able to understand, but sitting still?? HOW??

Sometimes you get double or tripple knots, the wires seem to loop through eachother, and then loop through loops, and then loop through loops in loops... you can follow the wire and see how it weaves in and around the other wire. They often get tangled up a lot more than I can tangle them up myself; whenever I try and tangle them up I get a bit of a knot going but then seem to just undo it again... if only that would happen every other time it happens.

You can get ones that are tagged as being 'anti-tangle', which is bollocks, doesn't describe them at all. They still get tangled, very tangled, what 'anti-tangle' means is that they don't get in knots so tight you can never undo them... when they turn themselves into knots, however they manage to do it, usually they're quite loose, some older ones I have have knots so tight I can't even get a needle in there to make a gap to try and work it open.

I think there are now some that roll the wires up into a little plastic case and wrap them round the little wheel inside, and you just pull them out, which would probably stop them getting tangled, but then there's that chunk of plastic knocking about in your pockets too.

The only way this will ever be solved is with wireless earphones. That'll be the day.